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Maplewood Fire is a combination part-time and full-time department. There are 38 part-time firefighters/EMTs that work out of three stations. There are also 15 full-time firefighters, along with three full-time administrative staff.  Fire personnel responded to 4,858 medical, fire and rescue calls in 2014. 

Maplewood Fire Department Administration is located at:

1955 Clarence Street
(Station Two)
Maplewood, MN 55109
651.249.2809 Fax

The Maplewood Fire Department 2011-2016 Strategic Plan is now available for your viewing.

A ground breaking ceremony was held on Thursday, June 14, 2012 for the new East Metro Public Safety Training Facility.  For more information, please click on the following link:

Fire Department Staff
Brian Anderson, FF/EMT Part-time
David Bahl, CaptainFF/EMT Part-time
Brent Bassett, FF/EMT Part-time
Andrew Bauman, FF/Paramedic Full-time
Nathan Beitler, FF/EMT Part-time
Ron Bourquin, Battalion Chief/FF/EMT Part-time
Jacob Capistrant, FF/EMT Part-time
John Capistrant, Engineer/FF/EMT Part-time
Rob Corey, FF/EMT Part-time
Raymond Crawford, FF/Paramedic Full-time
Charles Crummy, FF/EMT Part-time
Richard Dawson, FF/Paramedic Full-time
Paul Everson, Captain/FF/Paramedic Full-time
Butch Gervais, Asst. Fire Chief/Fire Marshal FF/EMT Full-time
Michael Hagen, FF/EMT Part-time
Joseph Hale, Captain/FF/EMT Part-time
Jodi Halweg, FF/Paramedic Full-time
Rochelle Hawthorne, FF/Paramedic Full-time
Jim Hutchinson, Captain/FF/EMT Part-time
Tracy Imm, FF/EMT Part-time
Chad Jansen, FF/EMT Part-time
Greg Jurek, FF/EMT Part-time 
Bob Kane, Captain/FF/EMT Part-time
Jamie Karras, FF/EMT Part-time
John Kellogg, FF/EMT Part-time
Joseph Kerska, FF/EMT Part-time
Ronald Konder, FF/EMT Part-time
Eric Kubat, FF/Paramedic Full-time
Timothy Linder, FF/Paramedic Full-time
Michael Lochen, Battalion Chief/FF/EMT Part-time
Steve Lukin, Fire Chief/FF/EMT Full-time
Brett Merkatoris, FF/EMT Part-time
Rachel Miller, FF/Paramedic Part-time
Mike Mondor, Asst. Chief/EMS/FF/Paramedic Full-time
Peter Monson, FF/EMT Part-time
Jeffery Morgan, FF/Paramedic Part-time
Ken Nielsen, Engineer/FF/EMT Part-time
Steve Neily, FF/EMT Part-time
Jerry Novak, FF/Paramedic Full-time
Paul Nowicki, FF/EMT Part-time
James Olson, FF/Paramedic Full-time
John Opheim, Captain/FF/EMT Part-time
Al Pacheco, FF/EMT Part-time
Josh Parrow, FF/EMT Part-time
Mark Peterson, Captain/FF/EMT Part-time
Bob Peterson, Captain/FF/EMT Full-time
Ken Powers, FF/EMT Part-time
James Rainey, FF/EMT Part-time
Derrick Rangel, FF/EMT Part-time
Paul Rank, FF/EMT Part-time
Chris Rice, FF/EMT Part-time
Brett Roddy, FF/EMT Part-time
Roberto Rodriguez, FF/EMT Part-time
Jeff Sedlacek, FF/Paramedic Full-time
Michael Streff, FF/Paramedic Full-time
Ronald Svendsen, Captain/FF/EMT Full-time
Reid Troxel, FF/EMT Part-time

1830 County Road B East • Maplewood, MN 55109 • Ph: (651) 249-2000