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City Attorney
City Attorney and Prosecutor
Maplewood, as a City and governmental unit, is a great consumer of legal services. In order to provide the services and regulatory schemes it does, the City has to be cognizant of many laws, whether it s own, the County’s or the State’s. Interpreting those laws, regulations and statutes is the job of the City Attorney. Staff relies on the opinion of its attorney to develop its own procedures or to simply do its work in compliance with the law. Since Cities are responsible for so much, the assistance of counsel is usually of considerable benefit to staff who just want to know, “what the law is.”

The City Attorney also attends meetings of the City Council, and other governmental bodies of the City, to be available for Council and staff to ask questions to on items of business or to clarify legal matters that come up from time to time. The City Attorney assists staff in drafting its own laws (called Ordinances in Maplewood) and advising about legal issues that affect the way the City does its job.

The City Attorney will also represent the City in, “court,” on civil matters affecting the City. Typical cases include boundary disputes, intergovernmental matters or other civil action where the City is a named party.

Another critical part of the City Attorney’s job is to help develop, negotiate and review contracts that the City enters into, typically with third-party providers or developers wishing to construct buildings in the City.

The City Prosecutor, also an attorney, spends almost 100% of active time attending to the representation of the City in Criminal Court. Maplewood is located in Ramsey County, and all criminal cases that occur within the boundaries of the City are presented to the Ramsey County Court for resolution. The City’s Prosecutor is responsible for taking all petty misdemeanor, misdemeanor, and gross misdemeanor cases to resolution.

Resolution of these cases is usually a negotiated agreement on behalf of the Defendant between the attorneys, but in some cases a trial to a judge or jury occurs. In either case, much paperwork is involved and many trips to Court! The City’s felony prosecution is done by the County Attorney; referred to by many as the, “DA.” Despite the higher level of crime handled by the County, the vast number of cases are generated and handled by the City Prosecutor; literally many thousands of cases. All criminal case proceedings are held in public courtrooms and Maplewood has the privilege of providing a home to the satellite Ramsey County Courthouse, where much of the City’s cases are handled (as are other suburban Ramsey County Cities’ cases).

City Attorney & Prosecutor - Alan Kantrud  (651) 249-2052

City Attorney for Employment & Labor Relations
Maplewood, in providing many different types of services to its citizens, employs many people with a broad range of experience and skills. In hiring, training, supervising, promoting, disciplining and terminating these employees, the City must be cognizant of all the state and federal law regarding these issues. The City must also be cognizant of its own policies, past pattern and practices in its treatment of its employees. Additionally, if the employees are members of a union, the City must also be sure that its actions conform to the employee’s union contract. The City of Maplewood Employment, Human Resources, Labor Relations Attorney (the MEHRL Attorney) is responsible for interpreting all these laws, regulations, policies and practices and advising the City on how to best manage its employment issues and problems.

The MEHRL Attorney also meets and negotiates with every City of Maplewood union with regard to annual contracts. Additionally, the MEHRL Attorney represents the City in grievances, arbitrations, mediations and other employment conflicts as needed. In Maplewood, this role is crucial because Maplewood is currently one of the most unique cities in the state, in that all but one of its employees are currently in a union.

The MEHRL Attorney also reviews City Personnel Policies and works with the City Manager to draft revisions to those policies as necessary. The MEHRL Attorney assists the City Manager and the Department Heads in the interviewing and hiring process and provides training and coaching to employees and supervisors on HR issues. Ultimately, the MEHRL Attorney advises the City on all labor and employment issues affecting all Maplewood employees.

City Attorney for Employment - Chuck Bethel  (651) 249-2053

1830 County Road B East • Maplewood, MN 55109 • Ph: (651) 249-2000