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City Code
City Code of Ordinances

The City of Maplewood outlines specific regulations on everything from dog licensing to liquor licenses in its City Code.

The Code of the City of Maplewood, Minnesota, is published online as a convenience to citizens and the business community. Although every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the material published online, the only official edition of the City Code is the printed version maintained by the City Clerk. Downloaded versions are not official. Note that the City Council may have made amendments, additions or deletions to the City Code subsequent to the latest online version of the code. Those additional ordinances currently not yet incorporated in the latest code publication are listed below and can be accessed by clicking on the hyperlink.
For more information, please call the City Clerk Department at (651) 249-2002.


Subsequently Adopted Ordinances Not Yet Added to the Code Book:

Ord. 928    An Ordinance Amending the Environmental Protection and Critical Area Article of the City Code (02.11.2013)
Ord. 929    Ordinance Amendment for Residential Alarm License (02.11.2013)
Ord. 930    Small Kennel License Ordinance Revision (08.12.2013)
Ord. 931    Ordinance Amending the Xcel Energy Franchise Fee (08.26.2013)
Ord. 932    Ordinance Amendment Regarding Distance Requirements for Off-Sale Intoxicating Liquor License (09.23.2013)
Ord. 933    Ordinance to the Maplewood Municipal Code Regarding the Green Building Program (09.23.2013)
Ord. 934    Ordinance to the Maplewood Municipal Code Regarding Subsurface Sewage Treatment Systems (09.23.2013)
Ord. 935    Amendment to the Ordinance Regulating Personal Services Closing Hours (09.23.2013)
Ord. 936    Ordinance Amendment to Allow Warehousing in BC (Business Commercial) Zoning Districts by Conditional Use Permit (07.14.2014)
Ord. 937    Ordinance Amendment Regarding Public Pools (07.14.2014)
Ord. 938    Ordinance Amendment Regarding Food Establishments (07.14.2014)
Ord. 939    Ordinance Amendment Regarding Lodging Establishments (07.14.2014)
Ord. 940    Amendment to the Ordinance Regulating Tattoo Establishments (07.28.2014)
Ord. 941    Alarm Ordinance (08.25.2014)
Ord. 942    Dangerous Dogs Ordinance Amendment (09.22.2014)
Ord. 943    Cat Permit Ordinance Amendment (10.13.2014)
Ord. 944    Dog Permit Ordinance Amendment (10.13.2014)
Ord. 945    Ordinance Establishing Minimum Habitable Space Requirements for Senior Housing (02.23.2015)
Ord. 946    Ordinance Amendment Regulating On-Sale Intoxicating Liquor Licenses, Sec. 6-122 (03.23.2015)


1830 County Road B East • Maplewood, MN 55109 • Ph: (651) 249-2000