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  1. Complaints

    Customer Complaints about our TV service

Fix It

  1. Fix it

    Main Fix it Form

Idea Box

  1. Council Idea Box

    The City Council welcomes your goals and ideas for Maplewood's future. These goals can be anything you want to see done by the... More…

Nature Center

  1. Adult Volunteer Application
  2. Background Check Waiver Form

    Background Check Waiver Form for Employees/Volunteers

  3. Preserves Monthly Site Monitoring Sheet

    Maplewood Neighborhood Preserves Volunteer Monthly Site Monitoring Sheet

  1. Annual Buckthorn Fall Pick Up Registration
  2. Invasive Plant Patrol Report Form


  1. Body Worn Camera Program
  2. Complaint

    Maplewood Police Complaint Form

  3. Tip Form

    Crime Tips for public to submit tips to the Police Department

  1. Commendation

    Special recognition may be in order whenever an employee performs his/her duties in an exemplary manner. Citizens may at times perform... More…

  2. Property Watch Program