Partners for Fish Creek

Partners Pitch In
When Maplewood began to seriously consider purchasing this site, we knew we could not do it alone. The city asked Ramsey County and Ramsey-Washington Metro Watershed District to be our partners. They agreed and the three partners signed a Joint Powers Agreement to commit partial funding to acquire this site. With funding commitments in place, The Conservation Fund purchased the land so it would not be sold for development. This gave the partners time to raise the funds needed. Generous contribution were also received from 3M Foundation, Friends of the Mississippi River, and many individual donors.
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In addition to these partners, many groups helped develop the vision for Fish Creek Natural Area Greenway and continue to be partners on the Fish Creek Project, including agencies such as the National Park Service and Ramsey Conservation District. Friends of Maplewood Nature funded an informational piece (PDF) on Fish Creek. Maplewood Historical Society helped with events celebrating Fish Creek in 2012. And Friends of the Mississippi River and Great River Greening received grants on behalf of the project.

Friends of the Mississippi River
Friends of the Mississippi River, a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting the Mississippi River, took on a special role in the project. They stepped forward to help by handling donations for acquisition of the Fish Creek parcel. With their non-profit status and years of experience in fundraising for environmental protection they have the systems in place to process charitable donations.