Visiting Fish Creek Area
The 70-acre Fish Creek parcel is owned by the City of Maplewood. Maplewood Nature Center typically schedules a spring wildflower hike to the site and this is a great way to first visit the site.

You can visit the site on your own, but there are no maintained trails or parking facilities. Street parking is available near Carver Avenue and Henry Lane to the bluffs area. All Maplewood park policies apply to this site. Dogs must be on leash and no vehicles are permitted.

Much of the creek in this area is on Ramsey County’s 142-acre Fish Creek Open Space. The county land is open to the public but there are no maintained trails. For information on the County Open Space, see:
Directions to Henry Lane Bluff Entrance
Find your way to Carver Avenue and Henry Lane, Maplewood, Minnesota with Google Maps.