Public Works

Mission Statement
To deliver a sound infrastructure system and high quality maintenance operations, complemented by exceptional customer service.
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2016 Objectives

  • Finalize implementation of Phase 2 of the Gladstone Neighborhood Redevelopment project generally located along Frost Avenue from Phalen Place to English Street. Construction of the public improvements and the first phase of Villages at Frost-English are slated for 2015.
  • Maintain a steady Street Reconstruction program to revitalize older neighborhoods by replacing deteriorated streets and utilities, incorporating Living Streets design standards, and meeting federal and state mandates by implementing stormwater best management practices.
  • Successfully implement the additional street rehabilitation investment through franchise fee revenues.  In 2016, the first of many street rehabilitation projects, using methods such as full depth reclaim and mill and overlay, will be completed as a result of this additional financial commitment approved by the City Council towards fixing city streets.
  • Work with stakeholders along Century Avenue such as Oakdale, MnDOT, and Washington County to ensure planning efforts and due diligence is completed for vision of the corridor along the western boundary of Maplewood to prepare for future reconstruction or upgrades.
  • Finalize the revision of design standards, city codes, and policies to realize full implementation of the Living Streets approach for infrastructure addition and/or replacement.
  • Continued successful administration of the new MS4 permit; including continuing the upgrade in internal tracking and enforcement on construction sites.  Continue reductions of runoff volume and pollutant loading to the MS4 system through adherence to the Stormwater Ordinance and Standards.  Meet the standards of the newly issued MS4 Permit.
  • Implement a holistic asset management system for municipal buildings, street, utilities, signs and other city assets to assist in determining long-term capital investment needs.
  • Implement capital improvement projects for municipal buildings based on the asset management report completed in 2015, while also leveraging existing public works staff to help complete minor improvements within normal operations.
The Public Works Department provides coordination of the following groups:
  • Engineering
  • Park Maintenance
  • Street
  • Utility
  • Vehicle/Fleet Management
These divisions are responsible for the design, operation and maintenance of most city roadways, sanitary sewer systems, and stormwater systems.