Recent Update

NOTICE:  Maplewood Partners with YMCA

The City of Maplewood and the YMCA have reached an agreement regarding the operations of the Maplewood Community Center.  The YMCA will formally assume operations beginning on November 1st, 2016.  Find the full press release regarding the agreement HERE.

If you are a member of the Maplewood Community Center, you'll continue to enjoy the same features and programs, and the YMCA will add more classes and programs in Maplewood over time. Your membership dues will not change on November 1.  You'll get more details on how the transition will benefit you soon.  Please add to your email address book to ensure you receive future updates.

If you are not currently a member, we appreciate you visiting our page and hope you stop back for membership details which will be coming soon.  Thank you for your interest and patience during this transition.


Key Contacts

Do you have concerns or questions?  Please let us know.  You can contact anyone below, and we will try to address your question the best that we can.

Maplewood City Manager
Melinda Coleman
(651) 249-2055

Maplewood Parks and Recreation Director
Duwayne Konewko
(651) 249-2330

Mayor of Maplewood
Nora Slawik
(651) 738-7099

Executive Director of the White Bear Area YMCA
Shane Hoefer


Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the City considering an agreement that would see the YMCA take over the Maplewood Community Center’s (MCC) operations? 
While acknowledging the vital role the MCC has played in the City for more than 20 years, the reality is operating the MCC is tremendously expensive and diverts away funds the City could use for other important expenditures such as park improvements. Additionally, the YMCA has a level of programming and operational expertise the City simply can’t match.
Does the proposal call for the City to sell the MCC to the YMCA? 
No. I the agreement the YMCA assumes programming and operational responsibilities while also assuming the facility’s future financial risk. The City and the YMCA will also jointly fund a capital improvement fund.
Does the City currently have a relationship with the YMCA? 
Yes. The YMCA assumed all of the MCC’s aquatics programming and operations more than a year ago and the City has received positive feedback from MCC members about the change. 
What will happen to the MCC’s employees? 
The YMCA will seek to retain as many MCC employees as possible. Additionally, the City is seeking to transition some full-time MCC employees into other full-time City positions.
What is the MCC’s yearly operational deficit? 
Typically the yearly operational deficit has between $250,000 and $450,000. This figure doesn’t include capital expenditures. 
What will happen to membership pricing for Maplewood residents? 
Residents will retain their special pricing for three years with annual increases capped at 3 percent (the most recent City increase was 7%). Residents will also be able to upgrade their memberships to access YMCAs through the metro area. 
What will the City do with the savings from turning over MCC operations to the YMCA? 
Much of the savings will be used to fund park improvements, a topic many of our residents are particularly passionate about.
Will the City maintain any presence at the MCC? 
The City will maintain a space for meetings and conferences. The contract with Ashland Productions will remain in place. 
What kinds of capital improvements and deferred maintenance projects does the MCC currently need? 
The City Commissioned a 2014 report on capital needs at the MCC including air handling, roof replacement and other items. The YMCA and the City have jointly agreed to begin work on these items as well as other recommendations after further study. The new agreement will memorialize some of these priorities, which in the near term include replacing the aquatic center roof, a new energy management system for the building, and upgrades to carpet, paint and other surfaces in the facility.
When will a final decision be made? 
A final decision is expected in mid-October. 

MCC Community Meeting (9/13/16)