Maplewood Parks System Task Force

Maplewood Parks System Task Force
Mission Statement
Our mission is to establish a process for residents, organizations, businesses, and the City to collaborate and set priorities to reach a sustainable parks system, enabling the City to take action.

Task Force Goals & Objectives
  1. Align our Park Systems Plan with the city’s 2030 Comprehensive Plan relying on a strong public input process that involves both residents and stakeholders.
  2. Identify the needs and desires of our community, and create opportunities for active lifestyles based on current and future demographic trends.
  3. Develop a better understanding of current City park, greenspaces, and recreational components in order to better address existing limitations as they compare to local, regional and national standards and trends.
  4. Establish a vision for our parks, greenways, and recreation facilities with an eye towards sustainable maintenance practices.
  5. Identify sustainable funding sources and strive to match available resources with prioritized park system needs.
  6. Seek opportunities to promote connectivity within our park system.
  7. Foster and promote a sense of community pride and stewardship in regards to our park system.
  8. Establish policies and priorities for preserving and restoring existing natural features and amenities for the benefit of the community as a whole.